In collaboration with your health care team, YOU will decide whether or not you want to be on medication. Keep in mind that stability is required when deciding to take meds because you must take them every day for the rest of your life. It is better to delay medication than be non-adherent because you can develop a resistance to certain medications. 1 in 4 newly diagnosed individuals is already resistant to one form of HIV medication and there are a finite number of treatment options available.

HIV Edmonton provides information to people affected by HIV and AIDS who wish to manage their health care in partnership with care providers.  Information accessed through, published, or provided by HIV Edmonton is not to be considered medical advice. We strongly urge users to consult with a qualified medical practitioner prior to undertaking any decision, use, or action of a medical nature.

Also known as NAP, this clinic serves both adults and children. Normally referrals are required to NAP but if you are new to the city and are already diagnosed as HIV positive you can self-refer to the program. The clinic has dietitians, infectious disease physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, registered nurses, and social workers on staff.

This clinic does not provide HIV testing.

Located at 11400 University Avenue, Edmonton Alberta, T6G 1Z1

10240 Kingsway Avenue – CSC 243 


780-407-8372 or toll-free at 1-866-407-8371

The following list indicates Physicians in the City of Edmonton who specialize in the practice of HIV Health Care. You may be referred to one or more of these Doctors through the Northern Alberta Clinic.

Royal Alexandra Hospital  
Ahmed, Rabia – 780 944 8690
Chiu, Isabelle – 780 944 2706
Cooper, Ryan – 780 735 6681
Joffe, Mark – 780 735 5678
Houston, Stan – 780 735 4811
Rosser, Stuart  – 780 735 5491

STI Clinic    
Romanowski, Barb – 780 342 2324
Singh, Ameeta – 780 342 2324

University of Alberta Hospital        
Harrison, Robyn – 780 735 7236
Houston, Stan – 780 704 8035
Kunimoto, Dennis – 780 407 1418
Saxinger, Lynora – 780 407 7920
Shafran, Stephen – 780 407 8077
Smith, Stephanie – 780 407 2826
Taylor, Geoff – 780 407 7786

As HIV treatment and prevention have converged, attention has turned to how well we are engaging people living with HIV in the continuum of services, including testing, care and, ultimately, effective treatment. The concept of an HIV treatment cascade has emerged as a way to identify gaps in the continuum, which are preventing people from realizing the treatment and prevention benefits of antiretroviral therapy. Click this link to find out more about the HIV Treatment Cascade.