Community Partners

HIV Edmonton values the relationships we have built with various other agencies in the community. Since HIV is such a complicated and multi-faceted issue, it’s important that we all work together to get to zero. Last year, HIV Edmonton worked with over 350 organizations – below is a selection of key agency collaborators. 

The Alberta Community Council on HIV is a non-profit, provincial network of 11 regionally based AIDS Service Organisations (ASOs) that are HIV and AIDS mission stated or run programs devoted to addressing the care, treatment, support, or prevention-education needs of persons living with HIV or AIDS.

ACCH website

The Canadian HIV and AIDS, Black, African and Caribbean Network is a national network of organisations, individuals, and other stakeholders who are dedicated to responding to issues related to HIV and AIDS in Canada’s African, Caribbean, and Black communities.

CHABAC website

The Northern Alberta Program provides support and health care for persons living with HIV and AIDS. The physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers that form the team help HIV positive individuals manage their HIV.

NAP website

The Pride Centre of Edmonton offers a wide range of programs such as support groups, social events, and educational seminars to help improve the social, mental, and physical health of our community.

Pride Centre of Edmonton


Services provided by this clinic: FREE and CONFIDENTIAL testing, counseling and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs); testing for HIV and Blood borne Pathogens (BBPs). HIV Edmonton works with the STI Clinic to offer HIV rapid testing at certain locations.

AHS Services website

Streetworks works with various inner city agencies providing education about Harm Reduction, HIV, HEP C, and Streetworks programming. Streetworks supports the staff and volunteers of these agencies and works towards integrating services. All Streetworks staff provides information to agencies, groups or individuals on various topics such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, universal precautions, the Streetworks program, injection drug use, and sexual health.

Streetworks website

The Students Invested in Health Association (SIHA) is a student-run non-profit organization that works both locally within Edmonton and other Alberta regions and internationally. SIHA’s projects are structured around the goals of reducing child mortality, combating malaria, HIV and other prevalent diseases within the communities we work with.

SIHA website